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Make Christmas shopping easy this year, and give something that can be enjoyed by almost anybody; a Kolormondo Mini globe. When you buy 4 Kolormondo Mini globes, you get one extra for free! In other words, you get a 20% discount. This offer is valid until December 16.

- Your children will love all the colours and playing with all the pieces of the globe

- Your artistic sister will admire its beauty and hang it up as a decoration

- Your architect friend will find it useful in her job

- Your father-in-law will enjoy the construction and the challenge of understanding it

- Get the fifth one for free - and keep it for yourself!

This offer is valid until December 16.

The Mini, is small, only Ø12 cm, and light and easy to send by post. After being built, it can be hung up by stringing a thread through the hole provided.

- 570 colours
- Size 12 cm in diameter
- Offset printing on 300 gr Ensocoat
- Made in Sweden  

- Improves your ability to mix and match colours
- Enables you to identify a certain hue, to see colour relations and grasp terms like ”chroma” and ”value”
- Bridges between colour experts and beginners
- Allows students to understand colour theory
- Facilitates discussions about colour choices

You will find the colour wheel/colour circle around the Equator, while the grey scale forms a pillar between the white North Pole and the black South Pole. Complementary colours are found across from each other. Kolormondo is inspired by the work of Runge, Gothe, and Itten, but we have modernized the globe by using CMY, Cyan blue, Magenta Red and Yellow as primary colours.

The globe comes in a flat cover and is a DIY kit. It consists of 5 round pieces and 6 wedges. Each piece of the globe is designed to teach you about a different section of the colour world. You can take it apart and build it again.


Mini, (Ø12 cm) has 570 colour and is offset printed on paper. 

Pro, (Ø 30 cm) is also printed on paper, has 570 colours and has CMY and NCS  codes for each colour. It is intended for professional use.

The globes called 185:29, 185:49 and 185:63 have 185 colours and are digitally printed on recyclable PP plastic. They have the diameters of 29 cm, 49 cm and 63 cm respectively. The 185:29 globe is perfect when lecturing. The biggest ones are intended for beautiful design installations.

Find out more on www.kolormondo.com