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Kolormondo® 185:29 is ideal for lecturing. It is big enough for students to see it at a distance, yet small enough to work with and to bring along when travelling. Being made of plastic, it is durable and robust.

It has relativly few colours – 185 – in a simple, clean design. Therefor it is easy to study each colour and its position compared to others, and thus see what it is made of. Complementary colours are found across form each other .Previously teachers could spend hours explaining the three dimensions of colour - hue, value and chroma - but now, finally, these can be intuitivly understood.

Kolormondo is being used in universities of design, architecture and fashion all over the world, such as Lisbon, London, Los Angeles, Milan, Santiago de Chile, Shanghai and Stockholm,). Also, big companies like Akzo Nobel, Apple Computers, Chanel and Hugo Bozz use it for colour training purposes and for design discussions and inspiration.

Kolormondo® 185 is available in several sizes (Ø29 cm, Ø49 cm, Ø62 cm). The bigger ones are perfect to create beautiful design installations.

Building the globe:
- Improves your ability to mix and match colours
- Enables you to identify a certain hue, to see colour relations and grasp terms like ”saturation” and ”value”
- Bridges between colour experts and beginners
- Allows students to understand colour theory
- Facilitates discussions about colour choices

The globe consists of 5 round pieces and 6 wedges and has 185 colours. It is made in Sweden of durable recycable PP-plastic. It can be built and rebuilt many times.