7550 SEK / In stock.
Create a colour installation that definitely will attract attention, at your home or office. You receive over 20% discount compared to buying each piece separatly. 

The set consists of:
1 pc. of Ø63 cm Kolormondo® 185
2 pc. of Ø49 cm Kolormondo® 185
4 pc. of Ø29 cm Kolormondo® 185 

The Kolormondo® 185 globes has 185 colours and consists of 5 round pieces and 6 wedges.

The products are made in Sweden, using environmentally friendly PP-plastic. They are digitally printed.

Ø29 cm Kolormondo® 185: Size: Ø29 cm. Size package 32x32x1 cm. Weight: 650  g. Ø49 cm Kolormondo® 185: Size: Ø49 cm. Package: 52x52x1,5 cm. Weight: 1 700 g. 63 cm Kolormondo® 185: Size: Ø63 cm.
Please note the picture is not an exact representation of the installation package.